Laws are established in order to create order out of chaos. This is what it has always been before, how it is today, and how it will be in the future. Laws and policies provide the standard of how we will behave and act in the town, city, or country that we are in. It is basic for any human being to follow and abide by these rules to respect the place where he is staying in and also the people that surround him. It is by law that we can exist with one another. If one cannot or choose not to follow an established law, then he will be forced to be removed and isolated from the society that he is residing in. Laws will always guide and us and lead us as a country and as a nation.

Immigration laws

It is natural for citizens of a country to protect his land. As locals, people would expect that they should only be the one to enjoy the resources that the country has to offer. These include the scenery, the land, the fruits, the nature, the jobs, ownership of buildings, and others. We have to shield the rights of the citizens in order to secure everything that they need to live peacefully in the country that he is in. This is true in its general sense and no one in his right mind would contest the rights of a citizen of a country. As much as we can, we should protect the rights of the locals as much as the rights as any other kind of people.

But if there is one sector of society that needs help, it is the immigrants. Formally defined, immigrants are the people who chose to leave their respective countries and selected another country to be their new home or residence. These do not include people who work in other countries or tourists who just want their own Amsterdam holiday or Amsterdam canal tour. We are talking about people who are looking to live permanently, find jobs, and stay in the Netherlands. These are the immigrants that we are referring to.

Forum Action Fund

The National Immigration is the public institution that generally reaches out and collaborates with the government in all aspects related to immigration. If laws are going to be established, or policies are to be implemented to immigrants, the National Immigration is the one that ensures all these programs and guidelines are followed by the people. They also check its implementation in all parts of the country. They make sure that every law is abided by immigrants. They also guarantee that each immigrant should practice their rights in any part of the country.

The Forum Action Fund is the private arm of the National Immigration which aims to monitor and keep track of the laws and policies being implement in the Netherlands and makes sure that these policies do not violate existing national and international laws. The organization, composed of different people from various sectors of society, contribute to the overall protection of the rights and privileges of immigrants.