Reasons for Choosing to Live in the Netherlands

Reasons for Choosing to Live in the Netherlands


One of the major decisions that one can make in their life is living in a different country other than their own. You will be leaving your comfort zone as a person and as a citizen of a particular country. You will also be willingly choosing to live in an environment with a different culture and a language that is primarily not your own.

But people still choose to live in another country. The Netherlands, for example, is a country that is foreseen by many people to permanently live in. What are the reasons for migrating to the Netherlands?


  • Lots of places to visit

You will no longer be a tourist to the country but a local who can truly savor staying in the Netherlands. Numerous Amsterdam city trips, visits to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and amazing experience in the nearby towns- these are all part of being a resident in the country. The Netherlands boasts a good number of parks and other leisure places that you can go on your vacation. See and feel like a local as you become really immersed in the culture as an immigrant in the country.

  • Traveling on a bike

The bicycle is part of the Dutch culture. It was recommended to the people generations before that they should use bikes as a means of transportation to reduce traffic in the country and the cities and also protect the environment. Ever since then, the Dutch have adopted biking as part of the society that shaped what they are as people. You can go anywhere with your bikes. If you do not have one, there is probably a nearby bike rental in Amsterdam or any other city.

  • Enjoying the boat

Have you ever been to an Amsterdam canal tour? It is such an experience like no other. It is quite amusing and breathtaking to see the waterways structures that have lasted for decades. It is one way to travel by bus or car but it is really a Dutch way to travel on a boat. You can do this every day if you live in the Netherlands.