Reasons Why We Should Help Protect Immigrants

Reasons Why We Should Help Protect Immigrants

Laws and policies are developed in a country in order to protect all the people that inhabit the land. These include the locals, the visiting tourists, and the immigrants. This article is particularly created for the locals. These are the citizens of the country who are currently enjoying their Amsterdam canal tour and their cheap Amsterdam hotels. Why should we go out of our way to protect immigrants? Are there valid reasons for this advocacy?

Immigrants can be considered citizens of the country

Although there are governing laws that separate citizens and immigrants, the latter can exercise most of the laws that are given to local citizens of the country. The government has provisions for ownership, education, jobs, allowances, healthcare, and other needs that an immigrant has. They should be treated as ordinary citizens because they are, in fact, part of society.

You voice your opinion against racialism

One aspect that most people have with regard to immigration is racial discrimination. Some nations are looked down because of the country that they came from. It can be consciously or unconsciously but racial discrimination is still very evident today as it was fifty years ago. We must nurture togetherness and understanding instead of the forethought of racial discrimination. We must fight for the rights and privileges of immigrants in order to help each other as people and not as citizens from different races.

We are all people

At the end of the day, we are all people who are existing and living in the same area or country. We should not only try to coexist but to protect each other as a whole nation. We need to do this because we are the ones who live within the vicinity of each other. If one protects the other person, another one will do the same. An immigrant is just the same as a local citizen. He pays his dues and taxes, he eats what you eat, and he labors just the same as you labor to provide for himself and his family. We need each other to survive. These include all people, immigrants, and citizens alike.